Choice Miniature Round Painted Box
With Rare Floral Decoration 

New England, ca. mid 19th century. Likely Hingham, MA.

Pine top and bottom and maple band, the band with opposing fingers joined by copper tacks, base and top by tiny wooden pegs. Most miniature boxes of this form are painted in a single color, this one scarce and choice in 5-color polychrome with a flower on BLUE ground with red trim and dots, the underside in black paint. The surface is crackled, a shadow under the lid where protected, and fine edge smooth burnishing showing period use. The form of the flower, with concentric outlines of the blossom, is reminiscent of an important painting I had years ago.

Just 2 ¼ inches in diameter x 1 inch tall. Superb condition. From a long time New England collection.