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Folk Art Portrait of a Young Boy.
Prior-Hamblen School pending 

New England, probably Boston, ca. 1840-1850. Oil on board. Attributed to E.W. (Eli) Blake, a physician at a Boston hospital, who is believed to be the "Double Swag Artist" and/or the “Pointed Finger Artist”.

The very pleasing gray-blue eyed little boy wears a GREEN buttoned shirt with white collar and holds a riding crop ......

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Shaker Spice Box in Deep Red Paint

Northeast, ca. mid-19th century.
Pine top and bottom, maple side wall, joinery by copper nails. Hand-planed lid that still fits tightly to the base. Smooth soft feel. Retains a sweet spice scent inside.
Terrific condition, just minor paint wear. About 5 ½ inches long x 4 3/8 wide x 1 7/8 tall. From a long time private New England collection.

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Shaker Oval Box
in Original Stain

Northeast, ca. mid 19th century.
Appears to be pine top and bottom, maple sidewall, joinery by copper nails. The fingers are beautifully cut and elegantly long. Dry surface. Full orange stain coverage with minor abrasions; the interior pristine. Excellent crisp clean condition save for as-often-found stress hairlines at the bottom of each end. Perfect tight fit of lid to base.
About 7 inches long x 5 wide x 2 5/8 tall. From a long time private New England collection.


Dated 1738

Wrought in iron, inlaid in brass with the initials ‘ST’ and the date ‘1738’England.

In England at this time, the “ELL RULE” was a standard measure of length by which all cloth was sold, based loosely on the length of an arm. Ell translates to "arm", and now in modern English "elbow" (arm-bend). There are several scribed lines on this ell suggesting shorter lengths were also measured.

In perfect condition with rich surface, this wrought ell is flattened and tapers from the dated area to the bottom end. Above the date is fully rounded, with pierced finial for hanging and flatten knop. Total length about 36 inches. .

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Small Bible or Valuables Box in Original Red Paint

New England, ca. late 18th. Pine and basswood, with original dark very dry crusty red paint. Also retains original iron hinges, lock, key, and side batons. (lock and key still function). The brass escutcheon shows no signs of being replaced. Nicely molded front of lid. Joinery by early cut nails.

The box in excellent condition with just minor period wear. Interior crisp and clean and has a pencil inscription under the lid as shown. Just 19 ½ inches wide x 8 tall x 10 deep, a desirable smaller example of this form.  

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Jackson Morton (1794-1874) Soldier, US Senator. Secessionist
Ca. 1815.


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Heart and Hand
with Love Birds

Skillfully Cut
Love Token 

Probably New England, ca. mid-19th century.

Tiny, fine paper cuttings of a pair of love birds resting on a heart-in-hand, the heart woven, surrounded by an oval of plaited hair, all set upon a blue-silk backing. Presented in a deeply carved hardwood frame which is likely the original.

The frame about 4 5/8 inches x 3 ½. Over 20 years in a private Northeast collection, previously from Madeline Killeen, Ithaca, NY. 

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Miniature Country Blanket Chest pending

Dated 1806. 
First Surface
Original White Paint

New England. The back inscribed “ML” 1806 in flowing script within the then wet paint.

Retains first surface dry patinated white paint on pine, the top unpainted in natural patina, appearing to have been covered in fabric based on tiny nail witness holes about the rim. Applied bracket base. About 12 1/4 inches wide x 8 5/8 tall x 6 deep. Retains original hinges.

Provenance: Private Northeast collection, years ago from Nancy Prince (oldtime Maine antiques dealer). A high character little survivor.

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Fine Burl Bowl with Especially Good Surface

Northeast, ca. 1800. Ash burl, lightweight, thinly and expertly turned on a slow lathe, in the classic rimmed and footed form of this period.
With an especially desirable very dry surface, never varnished, nutty brown color, showing darkening at the rim, graduating to less away from the rim, reflecting how is was handled.
Fine condition; internal checks; hairline at rim. About 7 7/8 inches diameter x 3 1/8 tall.

Provenance includes a Midwest collection; Bob Jessen and Jim Hohnwald (NH).  .

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